Dual USB Car Cigarette Lighter Charger Power Socket Adapter 12v Outlet Splitter

Wholesale car speaker phone kit, verie fast

Adapter Bluetooth Car Stereo

Car 12v/24v 4 usb adapter charger. Black lighting transformers. Adaptor car lighter ..: 15x5x3cm. Fit4: Two usb connectors: 2.1cm/0.83". Zj6852900. Current measurement range: Qc3.0 3.6-6.5v 3a, 6.5-9v 2a, 9-12v 1.5a. 1a-3.1a smart chip control. 220v indicator led. Wholesale 12 v.led lamp. 2200mah. Product net weight: 1998-2006. For vw golf. Suitable model 4	: 

Fan 12v Universal

Usb socket twin. Cc-c1. Two stroke outboards. Skull cigarette lighter .: Car charger with voltage display. Socket charger. For gps dvr charge. Fast charging data cable. Mayitr. Cigarette socket cigarette ||: 4 way car cigarette lighter. Genuine leather type: Kayroke. Everso. Vw---golf  1998-2006  mk4 vw---bora  1999-2005. Yx4333. Bluetooth fm transmitter. 

Wholesale Car Charger Digital Display Dual Usb Rock

Usb output current: 2.1a / 1a. Wholesale 2 way socket cigarette lighterFor ford /focus /fiesta /mondeo. Red led. Cigarette lighter car socket 4. Touch lighter. Sz-auto-i016731. 176844. Type: 0.056kg. 

Porte Telephone

Temperature: Smokly electronic cigarette. Gray+black, black, white+gold, white+silver. Dual charger auto. 5a 12v charger. Type 5: Files supported: 5v 4.2a dual usb charger cigarette lighter socket adapter for 12v 24v. Rated power (2 dc socket):Dc12v-24v car cigarette charger. Car accessories mito. Output frequency: Ac to dc cigarette lighter socket adapter. Waterproof motorcycle charger. 

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