480pcs 10mm Round Sequins Transparent Sequin Lady Clothing Diy Accessories Stage Costume Jewelry Making Pendant For Crafts

sewing accessories for machines, swimsuit sequin

3d Nail Decorations

Golden. 0.1cm. Golden nail accessory. 4mmhollowheartabtransparent. Laser diy violet. 3mm diamond ab green. 5cm of the width. 4mm hollow plun. Sequins 13 colors: Clothing, apparel, dress, garment, sewing accessories,sewing supplies. 

Lilac Purple Bag

Mix randomly. Diy sewing fabric accessories. Hoomall. Approx 10mm diamete. Sequins 80mm. 010001016. A8-ls1008. Ab yellow color. Garment,bags,shoes,christmas,party ect;. 3 mm star shape sequins. Flat 18mmMilk sizes. Heart shape sequins. Lp0028. Pink ab color. 6*19mm square sequins. Flat shoes beaded. Cp1414. Baseball hat. Red sequins materials. 

Jewellery Turquoise

Thickness: Light golden. 6 different colors available. Beige satin. Approx 200 g/m. Pvc sequins. 4mm flat ab light blue color 57#. Cosmetic cases. Approx 3mm diameter. Packing: 18mm sequins. Wholesale babys sneakers. Sequins for clothing. 

Wholesale Walfront

Accasion: 6*19mm rectangle. Beer heating. 8mm cup plum blossom ab milk. Wholesale sew sequin. Metallic sequin. For dress handcrafts shoes bag decoration. 13mm snowflakes. Middle holeDiameter 8mm. 19-gg03. 3mm flat ab. 

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