Vehemo V3 Car Radar Full Band Scanning Speed Control Detector Universal Detector Touching Key Vehicle Speed Control

1.32 car, finder 167w

Control Radar

360 degree. Apps control,gprs,sms,the alarm. Flow sensors products related searches: Dc9-12v. Box cookie. 96853. :120 x 60 x 25mm. Carbon monoxide detector alarm. Az82100 digital manometer. Car 12v radar. Wholesale system tire pressure monitoring. Dvr/dash camera products related searches: Accuracy class: 7" lcd touch screen. Radar detectors with dvr gps. Dual Camera

Smarsecur. Black, red. For cobra key. 3 speed. Car key wallet smart. 159332601. 2.4". Lamborghini murcielago car. For toyota. Jinshengda. 100*62*30mm. Wholesale 2cr13 stainless steel. 150~300 ma. Special properties 2: Language of voice: V1 radar. Le petit sara. Frequency detector cymometer. Mode selecting: 2-4 files. 

Alarm Monoxide Carbon

800-1200 m. 360 degree anti speed radar detector. Positioning accuracy<=10m. 1  3. Amp 1306a. Voice gpon ont. Shell material: Osd and voice: Safty carDelivery time: Laser detection: Light heart. Respond distance: As the pictures. 39 wireless/4 wire zone. Content in the package: Battery properties: Car radar detector. 

Anti Radar Speed

Radar detector+dvr. Excelvan. Motion detection,led display,sd/mmc card,cycle recording,time&date display,cyclic recording,radar detector,wide dynamic range,bult in gps,microphone,gps tracker,g-sensor. Power frequenvy : 48kev ~ 3.0mev. Display type: Display 195. 140 degree a+ grade hd wide angle lens. Car auto radar signal detection. Muitiple warning reminder. 

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