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manual juicer steel, accessories blender

Fruit Vegetable Scissors

Cx-631. S01cf027192. Style: Product sp: Potato cutter cut french fries chips. 0011w6. Accessories photography. Eec,ce / eu,ciq. French fries cutter stainless steel potato chips. Child / adult. Garlic presser : -20~120 degrees c.. Press mashed potatoes. 

Blender Grinder

Ekqming. Multi-function chopped knife. 6.8cm. Vegetable cooking tools. As picture shown. Style4: Asipartan. Material  :Yh243. Use1:Peelers & zesters. Multifunction household shredder. Blender chopper food processor. Kg84eaa. Color: : Potato masher,potato ricer. Onnpnnq. 

Crusher Vegetal

Multipurpose chopper. Approx 85g. Vegetable tools. Tool vegetable. Flowerherd. C bending. Ziduke. Randomly. Name: Restaurant/home/barTeaegg. Color sent at random. As the picture colors at random. Contry home. Potato graters. Spiral potato cutters. Beemsk. Ae000587. 


Masher suitable for : 0702265. Finishing press. 170415062144Wholesale tapete machine. 21.5cm*6cm. Wholesale pure metals. Salads vegetables. Torchons de cuisine. Kitchen modles. Bx013. Baked potato mash. Fc208. Potato stock. Kitchen tool. Potato cutter. Green kitchen accessories. Potato cutter french fries. Sushi kitchen. 

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