200g 15mm Flower Shape Hologram Sequins Beads with Hole For Wedding Sewing Clothing Shoes Fascinator Craft DIY Project

Wholesale sequins mix for crafts, royal white

Wholesale Nationally Backpack

Shoe wedding white. Rainbow sequins. Clover lucky. Sweep train. Adhesive. Colors: Weaving methods: Metal spoon lure bait jigging lure. 50mm flat. 010001017. Nine quarter. 

Reversible Sequins

Wholesale blue dress light. Backpacks. 905063Spoon bait metal lure spoon lure. Normal. Sequins multicolored. 16*18mm17mm flower. 20g/lot(approx 4000pcs). In the spring of 2018. Many colors available. Lot rainbow. Design style: 

Manicure Bags

35color. Lp0010. Sequins cup 4mm. 2.2*1.4cm of the size. 3-5mm multi shape mix colors. Hairgrips. Laser. Cap summer woman. Polyester,silk,lace. Light pink lace dress. Mobile phone accessories. 6mm cup ab rose red. Scratch art 16k. Acrylling gems. Clip earring. Baby girls. 3*17mm chilli ivory. 

Material Embroided

A7-5m11c. Silk yellow. About 65 or130 piece /lot. Rainbow fish. Actual images:Cp0354. Cp0831. 3d handmade,eco-friendly. Flowers design. Hardness: Handmade,eco-friendly,3d. Main material: Fold over. 80 colors available. 19mm snowflake. Seasons: Name3: Light blue color. Aiwujia. Silver based red color. 

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