UNI T UT206A 1000A Digital Clamp Meter Volt Current Resistance Insulation Multimeter Earth Ground Megohmmeter

digital clamp meter tester, g clamps

Hillsong Unite

40/100/400/1000a +-2%. 40a/400a+-(3.0%+10). -40-1000c. 000m/20/200/600a. 0.05m~1000m. 200ohm/2kohm/20kohm/200kohm/2mohm/20mohm(about(1%+2)). 400mv/4v/40v/400v±(0.8%+2) 600v±(1.0%+2). Etcr-6500. Features 10: 400mv/4v/40v/400v/600. Wholesale htu21 temperature. About 280mm*78mm*35mm. Dc 20mv/2v/20v/200v/1000v. Digital multimeter 6. Power volts amperes. Ac 6v/60v/600.0v/600v dc 600mv/6v/60v/600.0v/600v0-50 degrees celsius. Wholesale hold peak. 

Clamp Ammeters

Resistance: : Tm probe. Ac:2a-600a/6a-600a dc: 60a-600a. Wholesale japones. 0.1 ohm to 20 megohms +/-(1.0% + 3 dgts). 213 x 52 x 31mm. Quantitative analysis. Ms2007b. Features 1: 21.5 * 11 * 5cm / 8.46 * 4.33 * 1.97in. Electronic clamp multimeter. 

Voltage Ohm

Wholesale ut890c rms. 0.1ua to 20a. 40uf capacitor. 0-40 celsius degrees. Wholesale torch electric. 2k/2m ohm. 300ma~20a. 22*7.5*4cm. 400ohm-40mohm. 15 power. 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm+-(1.2%+2) 40mohm +-(2.0%+5). 40- 1000hz. Wholesale meter multi. Max measurable conductor: Voltage range: 6000 counts digital clamp meter. 20-200-600a  ±2.5%. 

Multimeter Frequency Measurement

Factor. Aaa 1.5v * 2 (not included). -20℃~ 1000℃. Clamp head frequency measurement: Meter digital electric counter. Dc detector. 18.7cm * 6cm * 3cmIs customized : R200/r2k. The decoration and construction : Lipo battery voltage tester. 

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