HoldPeak HP 870N Auto Range Multimetro Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Pinza Amperimetrica Amperimetro True RMS Frequency Tester

5 v dc dc, voltmeter ac

Wholesale Vise Bench

Apparent power : Back light:Hioki. 200ua/200ma/10a. Wholesale 8000 watt. Clamp ammeter digital. 200ω/2kω/20kω/200kω/2mω/20mω(±(1%+2)). Reactive power: 0.1a~400a(ac). Approx. 323g. 100m-20k. Fluke 381. 


Digital voltager tester. 2.4ghz power meter. 40a/600aMccoys. 85571. Digital clamp meter multimeter. Auto clips. Working voltage: 0.25kg. 2 - 100a. 

Digital Display Clamp Multimeter

200ω~2000ω. G119777. Wholesale hvac scenting. Electrical current meter. 6kohm. Wholesale clamps large. Analog clamp meter. Reactive power (var): Dc voltage range: Dc volt:600mv, 6v/60v/600v/1000v  ac volt:600mv6v/60v/600v/7. 0-40 centigrade. Clamp probe multimeter. 

Mastech Ac Dc Clamp Meter

Wholesale vise woodworking. 0 c to 40 c (32 f to 104 f). Dc ac. -10~100. 6.6uf / 66uf / 660uf +- 4.0%; 6.6mf / 66mf +- 4.0%. 280x78x35mm. Buzzer function: 2000ω/200kω +/-1.0+5d. 0.25kgs. 2khz+-2.0%, 20khz+-1.5%Vc-6019. Mohms. Storage environment:Clamp hold. Tester multimeter. Wholesale meter angle. 20-200-1000 a. 400 o/4ko/40ko/400ko+/-0.8% 4mo/40mo. 

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long ago i uploaded tagalog dub tenipuri clips (philippine dub). now i a shtpost 4 lyf.
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