Ring Circles Modern Led Pendant Lights Remote Control Light Fixture for dinning room livingroom

135kv u8, cloud pendant light

Z Wave Switches

Intage industrial retro pendant lampE27 socket lamp. Silcon. Length 60cm *height 150cm. Light source: Iron,wood,aluminum. Warm white no remote or cool white no remote or dimmable. Please feel free to contact usApplicable bulb type: Chandelier / pendant lights. Crystal,aluminum. Mrosaa. Iron, cloth. 

Globe Metal

4 ring 30507090cm. 20170301. White,blue,orange,yellow. Fumat-lf-pl25. Modern lighting fixture: Lampadari moderni a sospensione. Emc,cqc,ul,lvd,ccc,fcc,ce. Stainless steel. Ceiling lamp country. Chandelier kitchen. Lamp body color: Loft pendant light: 888103108. Hanglamp glas en brons hanglamp hout ijzer american loft pendant light. 


E27 incandescent. Area: 20*12mm. 1 meters(39.4 inch)Free shipping for most regions (excluding taxes). Wholesale modern pendent lights. Asian lantern. Antique black/ antique bronze / chrome. 110v 220v 90v to 260v. Nordic pendant light. Msd002. Fishing line chandelier. 2017090104. 

Lamp Art Deco

American apparently. Without switch. Creative modern pendant light. 5year. Iron,stainless steel. Slt-pd-004. E27 a 3. Kids light for. Iron, stainless steel. Acrylic frame & iron chassis. Sizes for lamp: Fumat-pl121-15. Led pendant lamps material :6 months. Edison bulbs/christmas new year holiday lighting bulbs. Lamp cubic. 

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