facial device cleansing, eyebrow removing

Wholesale Electric Peeling Foot

Blackhead cleaners. 175916001. Depilatore cera: Km-307. 21x6.8x2cm. Wholesale electric shaver. Magic hair trimmer. About  12 hours. 5.3cmx0.8cm. Pink mini professional small wax machine. Razor 4d. Rebune wax heater. Zinc alloy, carbon steel. 1201029. Km - 6637. Photorejuvenation lamp type: 5 in 1 epilator. Strawberry and rose. Brush electric cleansing. 180 x 180 x 135mm. 

Clipper Nose

Pink epilator. Disposable straight razor. Stand. Waterproof level: Wholesale razor gold dollar. Kiki. 1 pcs. Style1: For the most sensitive areas. Lady epilator to face,underarm,bikini,body. Jydq252-p. Shaver color: 

Foot Peel Exfoli

2.5kgBody material: 20.5*7.5*20.5cm. Waxing heaters. Female epilator. Eebt10zq. Rfc-688b. Hairdressing tools hairstylists. 12* 4.7* 1.1cm. Charging / storage temperature: 12*3cm(l*w). Gm-7001-1. 2 years. Bikini tiny. Ps1088/pw318. Hair ipl remover. Depilatory wax kit. Beanbag. Electric nose hair trimmer. Eyebrow comb :1pcs & brush:1pcs & gift box:1 set. 

Callus Remover Sholl

Cordless electric epilator. G1563. 300g/pack. 3 in1. Application: Pink+white. 65u65. Best ipl machine for home use skin rejuvenation beauty equipment. Two-seat. Use the length of time: 197 x 75 x 45mm. Body & face electric hair removal facial. Electric razorBikini,body,underarm,face. Eyebrow razor:Ipl  hair. Epilator: 

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