1PC Useful Potato Press Tool Potato Masher Potato Pressure Machine Potato Ricers for Kitchen Tools KX 022

shredders tomato, vegetable spiral

Potato Tornado Machine

An occasion for gift delivery: White&green. Vegetables china. Hg4324Wholesale fruits salade plate. Kx142. As shown. Quantity: 430 stainless steel. Bu-024. Fruit tools plastic hand. Less than 5 yuan. 4yang. 

Wholesale French Cutter Fries

:(l x w) approx 21 x 11.5cm/8.3 x 4.5inch. Texture of material: Juicer crusher. Fruits juicerCiq,sgs. Starlinkstar. Garlic clasp. Kitchen perfect. Salad maker. Multifunctional 500ml hand pulled kitchen fruit vegetable cutter. Fruit and vegetable seeds. Kitchen accessories for cook. Kitchen stainless steel slicer. Radish spiral slicers. Potato mud pressure. Abs and stainless steel. 29354. Kitchen accessories cooking tools. 

Press Fry

Wh264. Kitchen toolsHousehold. Stainless steel peeler kitchen accessories. Wavy edged knife kitchen gadget. Wholesale kitchen gadgets tools. Netfeature. Fruit juice. Colors                : Press plate. Potatoes fries cutter. 

Gadgets Home

Shredder fruits and vegetables. Detail1: Item package: Wavy knives. Ricer press mashed. In the autumn of 2014. Wholesale pomegranate juicer machine. Mashed potatoes pressure device. Kitchen tools. Food powders. Patato masher. 1 potato mashers + 2 mesh. Size               : 201723. 

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